The details here apply to parents whose son or daughter is a US Citizen.

Called this number to get info: 1-800-375-5283 Toll free

Forms to be filled in :
1. i 130
2. i 485
3. g 325A
4. i 693
5. i 864
6. i 765
7. i 131
All seven applications should be submitted for each applicant/parent.

You can download them on the website.

You can submit them in a local office once they are here.
Trump’s executive order is suspended and does not affect this legal immigration process.

process time – takes up to 1 year for i 485 and others up to 6 months.

They can extend their stay based on the application submitted for Green Card.

After i 130 is submitted, in case they have to travel, they can; This will not affect their immigration application status.

i 130 $535
i 485 $1225
Others – no fee.

All seven forms should be submitted at the same time.  For Documents to be
submitted with the forms, see the website:

Not aware of the fake email/info that was spreading on Facebook or WhatsApp!

Call ended 1:29 PM 2/6/2017: about 20 minutes.

Email from Intuit, INC or Quick Books

Last week I got an email supposedly from QuickBooks asking me to update tax information.

Today when i clicked it went to an error page on an entirely different site no related to quick books or intuit.

Today I got another similar mail.  When i looked at the url it was linked to, it pointed to another site that was different from the previous mail.

THAT made me sure that it was a phishing mail.  So, I blacklisted it.

Be careful what link you click on in your emails.