Windows 10 USB Camera – unable to access

USB Camera in Windows 10 and Oracle VM!

I have a Logitech High Definition Pro Webcam for AV purposes connected via USB to the PC running Windows 10.  After a recent update of Oracle’s Virtual Box to version 5 something happened to the Camera connection: I was unable to use the built-in microphone of the Camera for making internet calls.

This post is all about how I diagnosed the problem and solved it in about ten minutes.

Problem:  Unable to access the USB Camera in Windows 10!  Being unable to access the USB camera connected to my HP PC with Windows 10 operating system came as a surprize.  It was an upgrade from Windows 8.1, most recently.

Solution: Because the Camera (well, for that matter, almost all USB devices) connected on this machine were enabled/connected to windows 2012 Virtual Machine via Oracle Virtual Box installed on this PC.  This probably did not happen via the most recent upgrade.   Probably, I had previously enabled them manually and forgotten about it!

This happened when I updated/upgraded the Virtual Box to version 5.  The reason for this upgrade was that the previous version did not provide “bridged adapter” to connect my guest operating systems to the internet directly to the Modem.  It was only allowing me to do NAT or Virtual Box only network connection which were insufficient.  They did not fulfill my expectations.

So, after disconnecting those USB devices from the virtual machine, I was able to access camera, printer, and scanner on windows 10 PC directly!