upgrading from vista to windows 7 home premium – conclusion

This is part 3 of a series on upgrading windows.Link to part 2 is here and and link for part 1 is here.In conclusion, let me summarize.The tools you need are:First, a genuine upgrade DVD from Microsoft or the manufacturer of your laptop/desktop.  It was Dell in my case.  I also assume that your pc has a dvd rom or you can manage to connect one to your pc.  I do not support any kind of non-genuine windows operating systems that some claim to provide for cheaper price.  See this article for details on such scams or bad purchases.Second, time and pateince.

upgrading from vista to windows 7 home premium – part 2

Well, I ran into another problem after I did upgrade to windows 7 home premium: I needed more space to on the second partition of the 100gb hdd to accommodate all the updates needed for the os to run smoothly.  I also installed visual studio 2010 on it which really takes a lot of hard disk space.

The first partition (which contained windows server 2008 hpc edition) had some extra space.  So i needed to move some space about 10 gb from this partition to w7 partition.  I researched for partition software and i came accross easeus.  EaseUS helped a great deal to move about 10gb from first partition to the second.  Now I have enough space in w7 to accommodate all windows updates (specially visual studio sp1) and workspace for normal functioning of the os.

Windows keys for less???

Beware of websites that claim to sell microsoft windows keys for a very less prices!As I was doing some research today on an entirely unrelated subject(windows drivers for Holux GPS receiver), i came accross (probably, via google ads) a website called keyoem.com and wanted to buy one of those keys to upgrade my windows 7 home premium to business/ultimate.  The price they had put on their site was less than $35.But, before I did do the purchase, I wanted to see if it was a scam.  So i did a search on google with “windows key scam.” Lo and behold, i got several hits.These websites look genuine, and even have Microsoft partner logos on them.The first one was from technonsense.com.  This is an article that i took time to read and it saved me $35.Here is a Maliscious websites offering cheap windows keys to the full article.  Thanks to technonsense.com, who has done a great job with this regard.BisLinks.